What is Misasa Onsen?

Efficacy and history of Misasa Onsen

One of the best radon springs in the world

"Hormesis effect" that enhances the healing power of the body

Misasa Onsen is one of the most radioactive springs in the world, containing high concentrations of radon. Radon is a weak radiation generated by the decomposition of radium. When exposed to the body, metabolism becomes active and immunity and natural healing power increase. This is the proud "hormesis effect". The hormesis effect of radiation is that when the body receives a small amount of radiation, cells are stimulated to activate their functions, the capillary blood vessels expand, metabolism is promoted and immunity and natural healing power are enhanced. Misasa's radium spring is famous for giving this hormesis effect to the human body, and its mechanism has been elucidated in recent years. It has been picked up by the media and is gaining national attention. In addition, smoking and drinking enhance the antioxidant function and help prevent aging and lifestyle-related diseases. Also, because it is rich in minerals, it is ideal for drinking hot springs directly.

Cancer mortality rate is half that of the whole nation

In 1992, a 37-year statistical analysis reported that the cancer mortality rate of residents in the Misasa Onsen area was about half of the national average, and it is proposed that, "The effects of low-dose exposure should be scientifically reexamined”. This is also a strong proof of the theory of radiation hormesis.

The quality and efficacy of Misasa Onsen

Quality Contains radiation / Sodium-chloride springs
Contains radiation / Sodium-hydrogen carbonate springs
Contains radiation / Simple springs
Efficacy Bronchitis, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, neuralgia, high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, chronic digestive disorder, liver disorder, biliary disorder, sensitivity to cold, women's ailments, atopic dermatitis, improving skin conditions, recovering from tiredness, stress reduction

The secret of Misasa Onsen

Good to bathe in
Refresh effect

The same refreshing effect as forest bathing.

You will feel as refreshing as you are in the forest. This is because the ionizing action of radiation causes the air to become small ions and generate negative ions. Enjoy the same refreshing effect as a forest bath at a hot spring.

Good to drink
Rich in minerals

Rich in minerals, effective even when drinking.

YYou can also take it into your body by drinking a hot spring. Misasa Onsen is a hot spring that is rich in minerals, and when you drink it, the blood volume in the gastric mucosa doubles.

Good to inhale
Enhances antioxidant function

Inhale vaporized radon

Vaporized radon enters the lungs by breathing, circulates in the blood and stimulates cells throughout the body. It has also been found that inhaling radon enhances antioxidant function. Antioxidant function is a function to eliminate active oxygen, which is said to be the cause of aging and lifestyle-related diseases. It is said that the function of antioxidant SOD, which eliminates active oxygen from the body, is enhanced, and prevention of arteriosclerosis can be expected.

How to enjoy Misasa Onsen

Bathing Etiquette

Hot spring bathing meister "Radimurier" will teach you!

Radiumlier is an expert on Misasa Onsen, which is a mixture of radium and sommelier, which is also the quality of the spring here at Misasa Onsen. A specialist who is familiar with the history and quality of Misasa Onsen, the effects of hot springs, and how to enter a good hot spring.

1、Bathing process

"Rinse your body (kakeyu) first to clean your body and allow it to get used to the temperature of the water. Start from the feet, which are easily dirtied, then move on to the stomach and shoulders. Alternatively, rinse your body in the shower."

2、Slowly enter the bath

"Slowly get into the bath, allowing the lower half of your body to get used to the water temperature. Blood pressure will increase if you jump in the bath suddenly, as your body is still trying to get used to the temperature. Please be careful when getting into the bath, especially if you have high blood pressure, arterial sclerosis, or diabetes."

3、Wash your body

"Wash your body after it warms up. As your body warms up, your cuticles will become soft and your pores will unclog, allowing you to clean them thoroughly. Wash off your make up before bathing, because the make up will prevent your pores from opening."

4、Bathe for an appropriate time

The right time to get out of the bath is when you start sweating slightly. If start sweating heavily or having palpitations, do not stay in the bath too long. "Hot bath water over 42 degree strains your body and heart. The appropriate bathing time in hot water is two to three minutes. We recommend taking a quick hot bath in the morning and having a relaxing bath at night."

5、After bathing

Having a shower after your bath will wash off all of the minerals and have a negative effect on the medicinal properties.

6、After bath

"The amount of body water decreases due to sweating. Water replacement is important as your blood becomes more concentrated when you sweat. Please rehydrate with water, tea, or sports drinks. Also, please take a break of about half an hour to allow your body to recover, because bathing will deplete energy levels and cause blood pressure changes."

History of Misasa Onsen

A healing old hot spring approaching a thousand years

Discovery episode "Legend of the White Wolf"
The origin of Misasa Onsen is more than 850 years ago. During the Heian period, a samurai named Samanosuke Okubo, a servant of Minamoto no Yoshitomo, met an old white wolf and tried to shoot with a bow once, but he stopped and missed. That night, Myoken Daibosatsu appeared in Saumanosuke's dream and told him the location of the hot springs in gratitude for helping the white wolf. After that, it is said that the villagers' illness was cured with the hot water for salvation.
Origin of Misasa Onsen "Kabuyu"
This hot water source, which springs from the roots of old camphor trees, is still active. It is a public bath called Kabuyu. It is the birthplace of Misasa Onsen. A drinking fountain is set up near this Kabuyu bath, and the amount of hot water that flows out is abundant and people with PET bottles line up. "Drinking spring" is said to cleanse the inside of the body and is also used as a medical effect.
Misasa Bridge that kept staring at history
Misasa Bridge, which can be said to be the main axis of the hot spring town, is a stone-style bridge built in 1934. Known as Misasa Ohashi, there are Misasa Onsen specialties, the open-air bath "Kawara-buro" and the footbath "Kawara no yu". A monument commemorating the 80th anniversary of “ Misasa Kouta” is built at the entrance of the Kawara-buro Bath. This is a bronze statue of a couple of people snuggling up at Misasa Bridge, the main characters of the movie "Misasa Kouta" produced in 1929.