Recommendation of Hot spring cure(Gendai Toji)

Petit hot spring trip plan

Place of purification of the six roots of perception and healing of the six senses

The legendary Furuyu, Misasa Onsen, which was seen 850 years ago, has the highest performance in Japan, and it has prospered as a hot spring resort. As for the choice and modernity, people from all over Japan who take time and recreation, "Misasa Onsen" attacks the possession of Mt. Mitoku, which purifies the mind and body before visiting. Since it is said that "mountain fortune is also the power of the gods and Buddha", there is a method of "cleaning the mind and body by bathing in Misasa before training on Mt. Mitoku".

The six senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and spirit. As you soak in or drink the outstanding quality waters, or walk through the steam rising from the hot springs, you're sure to feel your senses being rejuvenated. "Purification of the six roots of perception begins with a bath at Misasa Onsen to purify the body and ready the spirit for the climb up Mt. Mitoku the next day. At Misasa Onsen, relaxing and soothing oneself in the hot waters heals the six senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and spirit. On Mt. Mitoku, harsh training on the sacred mountain purifies the six roots of perception: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind. The six roots of perception and the healing of the six senses are a distinctly Japanese perspective on nature -- a harmonizing of human beings and their natural surroundings"

What is the hot spring cure(Gendai Toji) proposed by Misasa Onsen?

Speaking of hot springs cure, it takes one week to one month, and at the longest, three months or more, but Misasa Onsen proposes a new style of "hot springs" suitable for modern people. This is a modern version of the hot springs where you can fully enjoy the hot springs proposed by Misasa Onsen, which boasts one of the world's leading radium springs, and reconsider your health. With Misasa Onsen's "Gendai Toji(Hot spring cure)", hospitals, towns and inns work together to provide each and every customer with sincere hospitality.


What is the effect of Misasa Onsen?

Quality Contains radiation / Sodium-chloride springs Contains radiation / Sodium-hydrogen carbonate springs Contains radiation / Simple springs
Efficacy Bronchitis, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, stiff shoulders, lower back pain, neuralgia, high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, chronic digestive disorder, liver disorder, biliary disorder, sensitivity to cold, women's ailments, atopic dermatitis, improving skin conditions, recovering from tiredness, stress reduction
Medical effects Cancer prevention, suppression of oxidative disorders (lifestyle-related diseases / aging), improvement of respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma), improvement of skin barrier functionn
Recreational effects Stress relief, mental relaxation, pain relief

Hot spring trip options
Hyperthermia unique to Misasa

As an option for a hot spring trip, we offer an experience unique to Misasa Onsen. "Radon hot air bath" is a facility where you can experience the hormesis effect, which is a rare hot spring experience facility in Japan. In addition, "Koudei compress" is a hyperthermia therapy unique to this area. You can get it at Misasa Onsen Hospital.
* Advance reservation is required for both. Please see the details on the right.

Experience a hot spring to inhale
Radon hot air bath

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Hyperthermia that has been passed down since ancient times
Koudei (minerals mud) compress

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2 nights 3 days Hot springs cure model plan

Have a "stress-free" stay at Misasa Onsen.

At Misasa Onsen, Okayama University and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency are collaborating to promote research on Misasa Onsen. It is being proved that Misasa Onsen is effective for various symptoms. Stress relief is one of them. It is said that "Radon" at Misasa Onsen has a function to suppress "excessive increase of active oxygen" that causes stress. In addition, the natural environment of Misasa and the nostalgic atmosphere of the old town may heal your body and soul. Please spend a comfortable and relaxing stay at such stress-free Misasa Onsen.

In addition, Misasa Onsen has Misasa Onsen Hospital, which also implements a "body care plan" that utilizes hot springs.

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Model plan

First, take a stroll around Misasa Onsen. At “Kabuyu", the birthplace of Misasa Onsen, let's follow the legend of the white wolf, which is the luck of the hot springs. At Misasa Shrine and Kabu-yu, you can have a "footbath" and a hot spring "drinking spring" to experience the hot spring culture. Please check in at the hot spring inn and enjoy the hot springs of the inn first. At night, you can feel nostalgic in the hot spring town with a retro Showa era atmosphere.
Let's experience "Radon hot air bath [reservation required]" which is a spa therapy unique to Misasa Onsen. It is an experience facility where you can inhale hot springs, which is rare in Japan. You can experience the hormesis effect. It can be expected to activate metabolism, improve antioxidant activity, and improve immunity. After inhaling enough heat, sweat in the bath. In addition, at Misasa Onsen, you can also enjoy a "hot spring tour" where you can take a bath at inns other than your accommodation
After purifying your body with the hot water of Misasa, visit "Mt. Mitoku-san Nageire-do". It's a tough road, because it's been a place for trainees for a long time. At the end of the road to purify the body, the Nageire-do, which has endured severe winds and snow and heavy rain for 1300 years, is still standing. In addition, there are three temples at the foot of the mountain, and you can enjoy a forest bath by strolling around the precincts surrounded by greenery.

Please leave it to the Radiomurrier of each inn during your stay!

The Radiummelier is a Misasa Onsen professional who is an expert on spring water quality. The word cross between radium and sommelier. The Radiummelier knows about the history and the spring quality of Misasa Onsen and the effects and the effective use of Onsen.

The Radiummelier's Recommendations

Bathing times and temperatures:5 to 7 minutes in 40-41℃ water → Take a break for 3 minutes:Bathing is more effective if you also perform some stretches on the legs, back, knees, and wrists. → Repeat:5 to 7 minutes in 40-41℃ water

※Foot baths: 10 to 30 minutes in 39-43℃ water

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Healed by the scenery and experience of Misasa Onsen!

Relax and enjoy your health in nature.

At Misasa Onsen, you can enjoy a walk in the morning, noon, and evening at each time. Abundant green mountain rich in nature. The Mitoku river where the murmuring of the river is comfortable, the main street of Misasa Onsen which is similar to the old town and the starry sky that colors the night sky. Why don't you spend a relaxing strolling time at Misasa Onsen, which shows various expressions!

In addition, Misasa Onsen offers healing experience options so that you can enjoy and improve your health. Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and refresh your mind and body here at Misasa Onsen.

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Healing experience at Misasa Onsen (example)

Furusato Kenko-mura village / God's dining table
At Furusato Kenko-mura, you can taste "Natto-gake rice" made from "Kan-no-kura soybeans", which are rich in isoflavones. All-you-can-eat, rice, natto and tableware are all from Misasa.
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Misasa Violin Museum
The Misasa Violin Museum is a rare museum in Japan where you can enjoy the violin production process and performance. Music and making things have a calming effect. Wy aren't you healed by the sound of the violin?
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Star watching
Tottori Prefecture boasts a beautiful starry sky, such as being ranked number one in Japan for the "easiness of seeing stars" conducted by the Ministry of the Environment. On rainy days, you can listen to the explanation of the stars using the planetarium. Held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
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Usefulness of walking in modern hot springs "Gendai Toji"

Research has shown the effects of walking on the body. Improvement of high blood pressure, enhancement of cardiopulmonary function, improvement of lifestyle-related diseases, improvement of low back pain, etc. Walking, which is a moderate exercise, also has a relaxation effect such as stress relief, and balances the mind and body. After exercising, fatigue substances tend to accumulate in the body and leave it unattended, leading to a feeling of fatigue. However, by taking a bath in Misasa Onsen, you can reduce the feeling of fatigue, and walking and bathing in Misasa are a perfect match.

Further effect with Nordic pole

By using Nordic poles, you can stimulate the muscles of the whole body and increase yourathletic ability by about 20% compared with walking. It also prevents falls, so even elderly people can enjoy walking.

Nordic poles are rented free of charge at Misasa Onsen Hot Praza (Tourist Information Center). (Lending time: 8: 30-17: 30)

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