• What is radon hot air bath?

    Warm your body by entering a hot air bath that uses hot spring heat with a room temperature of 32 to 42 degrees and a humidity of about 90% for 15 to 30 minutes. It is filled with radon gas (steam) in the form of mist, and by taking a deep breath, the cells are stimulated and the body's immunity and natural healing power are enhanced.

    You can experience the radon hot air bath at the two locations on the right.

    Natural radon hot spring Su-ha Onsen

    It is a hot air bath facility that had renewal opening on June 20, 2020, and was named with theimage of "inhaling and spitting" hot springs. (Reservation required)

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    Health promotion hot spring inn Blanc art Misasa

    Blanc art Misasa, a hot spring inn for health promotion, also has a hot air bath. Please feel free to use.

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    Hot air bath facility "Su-ha Onsen"

    Facility name Misasa Onsen is a hot spring that has the triple time signature of "good to inhale, drink and soak", and since the hot air bath facility is "good to inhale", it is named with the image of "inhaling and spitting" the hot spring. "Suha Onsen" requires reservations.
    Equipment outline (1) Hot air bathroom
    ・ Underground high-concentration hot air bathroom "Furoan" (Furoan) up to 4 people / time
    ・ Hot air bathroom "Koisenan" (Koisenan) up to 4 people / Times
    ・ Hot air bathroom "Jonetsuan" (Jonetsuan) Maximum 4 people / time
    (2) 1st floor: Lounge, office, men's changing room, women's changing room
    ( 3) 2nd floor: Dry hot air bathroom "Vapolium" up to 8 people / time
    (4) Business hours: From 9:30 am to 6:00 pm 3 times in the morning and 4 times in the afternoon, 7 times in total / 1 Sun
    (5) Usage fee
    ・ High-concentration hot air bathroom "Furuan" 2,000 yen / time (excluding tax)
    ・ Hot air bathroom "Koisen-an" ・ "Steaming hermitage" 1,600 yen / Times (excluding tax)
    ・ Dry hot air bathroom "Vapolium" 1,000 yen / time (excluding tax)
    * The above amount includes rental of bath towels and working clothes, and a bathing ticket for the hot spring, Tamawari-no-yu.
    (6) Closed days: Every Tuesday, 12 / 30-1 / 3
    * Reservations are required (reservations can be made from 2 months in advance)
    * Because you sweat, please prepare your underwear to change.
    * Please be sure to bring a drink for hydration.
    * If you are driving, please use the multipurpose parking lot.
    Contact information TEL: 0858-33-5772
    (910-7 Misasa, Misasa-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture)
    For details, please see the website of Su-ha Onsen.

    「Health promotion hot spring inn Blanc art Misasa」
    Information on hot air bathroom

    Fee 3,000 yen (1 time / 40 minutes)
    For details, Please see the website of Blanc art Misasa