Recommendation of hot spring cure (Gendai Toji)

Body care plan

Tie-up with Misasa Onsen Hospital

A modern version of the hot spring that ties up with the local Misasa Onsen Hospital and takes advantage of the effects of the world's leading radium spring. Through collaboration between Misasa Onsen Hospital and inns, we are promoting physical care while staying at Misasa Onsen. Stay longer, check for lifestyle-related diseases at the general hospital, take a spa treatment, take a walk in Misasa Onen town, which is full of nature and spend a leisurely time with your favorite hobbies. Why don't you get to know your physical health and aim for a healthier life while staying at Misasa Onsen?

Hormesis effect of Misasa Onsen

The high efficacy of Misasa Onsen is famous all over Japan, and many people from all over Japan come to treat and recuperate. Thanks to its high hormesis effect, it is loved not only by tourists but also by hot springs guests who come for medical treatment.

Misasa Onsen is one of the most radioactive springs in the world, boasting a high concentration of radon. Radon is a weak radiation generated by the decomposition of radium, and when it enters the body by breathing, it stimulates cells throughout the body and activates its function. This is called the "hormesis effect", which promotes metabolism, enhances immunity and healing power and helps prevent aging and lifestyle-related diseases. Some hot springs in Misasa Onsen have a record of 683.3 mache in radon content in the source, and a very high hormesis effect is recognized.

In addition, the colorless and transparent hot water of Misasa Onsen is rich in minerals, so it is also recommended for drinking. It increases the blood volume of the gastric juice membrane and is said to be effective for chronic digestive diseases, chronic bronchitis, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.

"Body care plan" at Misasa Onsen Hospital

Pain consultation course

《For those who have such problems》

●Those who suffer from shoulder / waist / knee pain
●I don't know what to treat
●I want to know if there are preventive measures that can be taken on a daily basis

《Implementation date》
Weekday afternoon / Reservation required (apply by the day before)
* You can consult about pain in your shoulders, lower back, and knees. Gymnastics guidance is given according to each pain.

《Course content》
Minerals mud compress experience + move to the rehabilitation room and have gymnastic guide. * Please choose one from shoulder course, waist course and knee course.

《Fee》6,000 yen (tax included)

《What do you know?》
・Know if treatment is needed.
・You can learn preventive methods.
・As an opportunity to solve problems.

Low back pain dock / spine dock

《For those who have such problems》

●I often carry heavy objects and am worried about my waist
●Occasionally suffers from strong pain
●Recently, I feel that my back has shrunk

《Implementation date》Thursday afternoon / Reservation required (apply at least 2 weeks before the implementation date

《Course content》
Low back pain dock(MRI, low back pain exercises, lumbar roentgen (6 directions), result explanation)
Low back pain dock + bone density test additional plan
Spine dock (whole spine plan)
(MRI, CT, low back pain exercise, bone density test, cervical spine roentgen (6 directions), thoracic spine roentgen (2 directions), lumbar spine roentgen (6 directions), blood test, etc., result explanation)

・Low back pain dock 9,900 yen
・Low back pain dock + bone density test additional plan 12,100 yen
・Spine dock (whole spine plan) 50,600 yen

《What do you know?》
・Useful to maintain and prevent lower back health ・Professional judgment as to whether treatment is necessary ・MRI can detect small abnormalities such as intervertebral discs and spinal cord at an early stage ・Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis

Flow from reservation of body care plan to the day

Before traveling

* In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, the reception of "Body Care Plan" has been suspended for the time being. We will inform you as soon as it is decided to resume.

①Please fill in the desired course and necessary information, and apply by fax or e-mail to the tourist association.
FAX:0858-43-0430 / Email: mokk【@】misasaonsen.jp
②At a later date, the Misasa Onsen Tourism Association will contact you regarding reservation confirmation.
③When the reservation date is confirmed, please make an accommodation reservation at a inn. At that time, please say "I applied for a body care plan".

* For pain consultation courses and reservations for each dock, please fill out the "application form" and apply to the Misasa Onsen Tourism Association at least two weeks before the desired consultation date.

* You cannot apply directly to Misasa Onsen Hospital.
* The purpose of using the personal information entered in the application form is as follows,
・For creating medical records (medical records) ・ Scope necessary for carrying out work related to body care plans / We will not use it for any purpose other than these purposes.
* The personal information entrusted to us in the application form will be managed and handled by Misasa Onsen Hospital and Misasa Onsen Tourism Association.

●For other precautions, see the brochure.


Download the medical examination reception application form

To the list of inns that support hot spring cure(Gendai Toji)

During your stay For example, Day 1: Check in at the inn to heal the tiredness of your trip (no dietary restrictions)
Day 2: Spend a relaxing time in the morning and visit Misasa Onsen Hospital in the afternoon. Take a rest at the inn at night.
Day 3: Check out the inn. Please be careful when you go home.
After traveling We will give the test results to those who have had a backache dock or spine dock. If you have any questions after confirming the results, please contact your local medical institution.
Hospital information

Misasa Onsen Hospital

■ Internal medicine ■ Orthopedics / Rheumatoid arthritis ■ Rehabilitation department ● Heated pool exercise therapy

●Before making a decision on the use of various therapies using the following hot springs, the doctor will first examine the customer, so be sure to follow the doctor's instructions.
Tel.0858-43-1321(Misasa Onsen Hospital)

Internal medicine
We provide general internal medicine, lifestyle-related diseases (hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia), collagen disease, gastric cancer / colorectal cancer detailed examination and thorough medical checkup.
Orthopedics / Rheumatoid Arthritis
We specialize in spinal cord diseases such as sciatica and joint diseases including rheumatoid arthritis. So far, 1877 cases of artificial joint surgery have been performed since 1976 by March 2009. Specialists of the Japanese Orthopedic Association handles 450 surgical cases annually.
Department of Rehabilitation
Our hospital owns its own hot spring source (hot spring discharge amount: 250 liters/minute) and uses it for rehabilitation (hot spring treatment) using radon-containing radiation. There is a free-flowing bathroom and a free-flowing exercise therapy hot spring pool. It is used for rehabilitation of patients with rheumatism and patients after artificial joint surgery.
Heated pool exercise therapy
We have 5 unique sources, and the pool using hot springs is used for exercise baths for patients with joint and spinal cord diseases and early postoperative rehabilitation.