Japan Heritage

About Japan Heritage

As part of the strategy to increase the number of visitors, and in particular inbound tourists, areas will be certified as Japan Heritage for stories and narratives that highlight a region's cultural assets.

In short, the project aims to promote regional development by actively leveraging a region's cultural assets.

Therefore, the emphasis will be focused on the story and narrative that demonstrate the historic charm and character of the area, rather than just the physical assets themselves.

  • Mt. MitokuMt. Mitoku
  • Misasa OnsenMisasa Onsen
  • Sanbutsu-ji HondoSanbutsu-ji Hondo

The first place to be certified was Mt. Mitoku and Misasa Onsen in Misasa-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture as a place of the purification of the six roots of perception and the healing of six senses, with Japan's most dangerous national treasure and one of the world's finest Radon springs.

This was the first location to be certified in Japan.

Please visit Mt. Mitoku Misasa Onsen to soothe body and spirit at the first location to be certified Japan Heritage.

Sanbutsu-ji Temple (Nageiredo)Sanbutsu-ji Temple (Nageiredo)