Outline of the Japan Heritage Certification Story

Japan Heritage
Outline of the Japan Heritage Certification Story

Place of purification of the six roots of perception and healing of the six senses
Visit Japan's most dangerous national treasure, Mt. Mitoku, and Misasa Onsen, one of the world's finest Radon springs

The steep slopes of Mt. Mitoku offer a quintessential mountain experience and a unique landscape in which a distinct syncretic combination of Shinto and Buddhism has taken shape. In this solemn and inaccessible environment, this culture has been nurtured for over 1300 by practitioners devoted to the awe-inspiring surroundings..

Misasa Onsen, which plays an important role as the "base camp" for visiting Mt. Mitoku is a place for purifying one's mind and body before visiting the shrine. Legend has it that it was a white wolf that revealed the source of the spring waters. More than 850 years have passed since the discovery of the spring, and the location shares a deep connection with Mt. Mitoku.

Today, a visit to the temple on Mt. Mitoku's cliff embodies a unique perspective on the world: the purification of the six roots of perception: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind, and the healing of the senses: eyesight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and the spirit.

Main constituent cultural properties

  • Mt. MitokuMt. Mitoku
  • Sanbutsu-ji Temple (Nageiredo)Sanbutsu-ji Temple (Nageiredo)
  • Sanbutsu-ji HondoSanbutsu-ji Hondo
  • Kabu-yuKabu-yu
  • Misasa OnsenMisasa Onsen
  • Vegetarian cuisine and Mitoku tofuVegetarian cuisine and Mitoku tofu

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