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Recommended walking spots around Misasa Onsen

Mitokusan Nageire-do (National Treasure)

01Mitokusan Nageire-do (National Treasure)

In the precincts of the Sanbutsu-ji temple at Mt. Mitoku, there are many important cultural assets from its gate to Okuno-in Nageire-do (national treasure) such as Monju-do, Jizo-do, and Nokyo-do. The whole mountain is designated as a historic and scenic site and also as one of the top 100 spots for forest bathing.

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Nanen-ji Temple

02Nanen-ji Temple

Nanen-ji Temple with a gate like an undersea kingdom was founded by a Zen monk in an old temple in Kyoto in appreciation of the fact that he fully recovered from his illness during his stay at Misasa Onsen. You can enjoy the taste of each season all year round.

Koitani Bridge & Kajika Frog

03Koitani Bridge & Kajika Frog

The upstream bridge is beautifully lit up at night. The bridge is also known as “Vallee de l’amour” in French. There is a bower on the sidewalk, where it is romantic to spend some time listening to the sound of the stream. The statue of Kajika Frog is familiar as a frog of marriage, and it is said that rubbing it will bring you a spouse.

Kawaraburo, Footbath Kawara no Yu

04Kawaraburo, Footbath "Kawara no Yu"

"Kawara no Yu" is a public bath located near Misasa Bridge over Mitoku River. This bath is open to the public anytime and many people regard it as a symbol of Misasa Onsen and bathe in it.You can have a nice relaxing bath enjoying hot water flowing straight from the source of Mitoku River.

Public Bath, Drinking Fountain Kabu-yu

05Public Bath, Drinking Fountain "Kabu-yu"

"Kabu-yu," the origin of Misasa Onsen, is also known as "Moto-yu" which means the first hot spring in the Misasa Onsen area.It is said that the history of Misasa Onsen started from this hot spring.

Footbath, Drinking Fountain Yakushi no Yu

06Footbath, Drinking Fountain "Yakushi no Yu"

"Yakushi no Yu" is located at the square where the statue of the healing Buddha is enshrined as the god of hot springs. You can enjoy footbathing from 9:00 to 22:00 free of charge. Please drop in to become healthier.

Public Bath Tamawari no Yu

07Public Bath "Tamawari no Yu"

The public bath "Tamawari no Yu" is located at Onsen Hiroba. The water of the bath is said to have been granted by a bodhisattva. Reasonable bathing charges are 500 yen for adults and 300 yen for children. Shower is available, too.User-friendly hot springs in Misasa.

Old-fashioned Japanese candy shop Terifuri-ya

08Old-fashioned Japanese candy shop "Terifuri-ya"

There are a variety of sweets and toys from the good old days in this candy shop featuring an old-fashioned atmosphere. New to children, nostalgic to adults, they are available for purchase. We are looking forward to welcoming you here.

Shop Bocha Bocha

09Shop Bocha Bocha

Located next to "Tamawari no Yu," this shop carries souvenirs and “Misasa Mist,” which is unique to Misasa Onsen and very popular throughout Japan. This is a hot visiting spot for local people and tourists.

Fujii Shuzo

10Fujii Shuzo

This is a well-established sake brewery with a history of more than 300 years. “Misasa Masamune,” one of the leading brands, is loved by local people as well as tourists. Sake tasting available, ideal for souvenirs.

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