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Good to bathe in, good to drink, and good to inhale. Hot springs in Misasa provide both physical and mental relaxation.
It is said that on the morning of the third day of a stay at Misasa Onsen we feel invigorated. (“Misasa” literally means “three mornings” in Japanese.) The nostalgic atmosphere surrounding the old therapeutic baths adds to our comfort.

Misasa Hot Springs is good for your health: Why Misasa Hot Springs is famous for its healing properties

Misasa hot springs contain one of the highest levels of radium in the world. Radon is a weak radioactive gas produced by the decay of radium.When inhaled into the body, radon improves the metabolism and boosts the immunity and our natural healing power. The fantastic illumination of the Japanese-style lodgings and this “radiation hormesis effect” are familiar to both tourists and people visiting for health treatment purposes.

Misasa Onsen

A relaxing hot springs with nearly one thousand years of history: “White Wolf Legend,” and how Misasa Onsen was discovered.

Misasa Onsen dates back more than 850 years. One day, Samanosuke Okubo, a samurai warrior, encountered an old white wolf. Although he took up his bow to shoot the wolf, he decided against it and let it get away. That night, Myoken Bodhisattva appeared in Samanosuke’s dream and told him where a hot spring was in appreciation of the fact that he had spared the life of the white wolf. After that, it is said that this “life-saving” hot spring healed villagers’ diseases.

The source of the hot springs is located at the root of an old camphor tree and is still active. This area is now a public bath called Kabu-yu.Beside Kabu-yu, there is a place to drink spring water. Its abundant water attracts many people who line up to fill their plastic bottles.

Misasa Onsen